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  • Air Conditioning Service

    When your air conditioning system isn't working right, or isn't working as efficiently as it should, it doesn't take long for you to feel it.

    Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning's trained and experienced technicians are skilled at repairing AC systems and components that aren't working right. We also offer preventive maintenance services so you can be confident your air conditioning system is in good working order. And, if it's time to replace an old AC unit for a newer, energy-efficient model, you can count on Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning for professional AC installation.

    Air Conditioning Installation

    Some estimates say that more than 2/3 of air conditioning systems are not installed correctly. This can lead to inefficiencies, but can also increase the risk of components breaking down because they weren't installed right the first time.

    At Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, we ensure that every AC unit we install is sized correctly for your home. We'll also make sure your existing duct system is adequate and functioning well, making repairs as needed so that your new air conditioner will function at its best.

    Air Conditioning Repair Service

    Our trained technicians are experienced handling minor or more complicated repairs on nearly all brands of air conditioning systems, including both indoor and outdoor components.
    Our AC repair professionals carry many parts with them, so they are often able to perform repair tasks for customers immediately, including adjusting refrigerant levels, replacing air filters, replacing worn tubing, etc. For more complex repair jobs, we can order and get parts quickly, so you can enjoy cool, comfortable temperatures inside your home again as soon as possible.

    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Regular, preventative maintenance can not only make sure your air conditioning functions all summer long; it can also help keep your energy bills down while extending the life of your AC system and components.

    One of the most common problems with air conditioning units is leaky ducts. Our trained technicians can make sure your ducts are cleaned to optimize airflow throughout your home.
    AC maintenance services also include checking outdoor and indoor components, including:
    • Ensuring proper refrigerant levels
    • Cleaning off accumulated debris
    • Removing obstructions from drain openings
    • Cleaning coils and cabinets
    • Inspecting and lubricating fan blades and motors
    • Reviewing connections for damage
    • Inspecting tubing and compressor
    • Cleaning blower assembly units
    • Replacing air filters
    • And much more

    Count on Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning for All Your AC Needs

    At Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, we have been helping NY residents stay comfortable, year-round, since 1983. If your air conditioner isn't keeping up, give Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning a call for professional home AC repair services . Just like everything we do, we offer prompt service times and affordable pricing. We also treat our customers, and their homes, with the care and respect they deserve, so you can rest easy.

    To learn more and to schedule air conditioner repair services, call us in Jamesville at (800) 540-1440 today. We proudly serve Central NY, the Capital region, the Southern Tier, Hudson Valley and the Rochester area.