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    Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer quality HVAC systems and components from well-known manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric.

    Benefits and Features of Mitsubishi HVAC Systems

     Mitsubishi Electric prides itself on offering features and advantages that simply are not available from most other heating and cooling systems providers. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing a Mitsubishi HVAC component:

    Air Quality - Designed to help homeowners and businesses breathe easier, Mitsubishi HVAC systems include advanced multi-stage filtration systems to capture and remove allergy-causing contaminants and washable filters that last up to ten years. Select systems also include a platinum deodorizing filter to absorb odors. 

    Efficiency - Being conscious of your energy use is both a smart financial decision, and an environmentally-friendly one. Mitsubishi HVAC systems include technology designed to be more efficient than their competitors' systems. Compressors adjust based on the needs of each room of your home, rather than heating or cooling the entire building. You can also set "zones" for your home and control each one separately, even completely turning off zones that aren't in use for even greater energy savings. Finally, choosing a Mitsubishi HVAC system may also qualify you for federal or state tax credits, or local utility rebates because many of their systems are Energy Star compliant.

    Hyper-Heating - With hyper-heating technology, Mitsubishi Electric's systems keep your home comfortable even when outdoor air temperatures dip as low as -13° F. And, with their instant "hot-start" technology, you'll feel warm air from the moment you turn on the heating unit.  

    Whisper-Quiet - Many people have simply gotten used to noisy furnaces and air conditioner compressors, thinking that's just the way they are. Mitsubishi HVAC systems are different. Indoor systems are quieter than a human whisper. Because their heating and cooling systems are ductless or short-run systems, there's no need for loud fans working in the background. When you choose a Mitsubishi HVAC system, you won't even hear the central air conditioner turning on and off.

    Smart Controls - Advances in technology have made it possible for you to control your Mitsubishi HVAC system from just about anywhere on the planet using your computer, tablet or smartphone. So, if you're going to be gone longer than anticipated, simply use an app to manage the temperature in every room of your home so it's just right when you return. The app can even remind you to check your HVAC filters!

    Constant Comfort - Mitsubishi Electric's systems measure the return air and adjust as needed. Select models even scan the room and take the occupants' heat signatures into consideration to get the temperature just right. 

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    At Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, our professional technicians have experience working with Mitsubishi Electric's HVAC systems, as well as many other manufacturers' systems. 

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