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    There are a lot of reasons you may be thinking about buying a new furnace or other heating system, or a new air conditioner unit. Maybe you're building a new home or business and you want to make sure it's as comfortable as can be from day one. Maybe you have an existing heating system and want to install air conditioning. Your existing HVAC system might be working fine, but may not be as energy-efficient as you'd like. Or, maybe your old system is on its last legs. Whatever the reason, Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning can help. 

    We specialize in all aspects of HVAC systems from forced air heating and cooling to more intricate radiant heat, Unico high velocity systems and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

    Why Buy a New HVAC System

    New York winters can be long and cold, and our summers can be long and hot. If your home or business isn't equipped to handle your heating or cooling needs, those long seasons may seem a lot longer and more uncomfortable than they need to be.

    Over the years, heating systems and air conditioning components have become much more energy-efficient. Over time, switching to a new energy-efficient HVAC system can save homeowners and businesses a significant amount of cash, while providing reliable warmth in the winter and refreshing cold air in the summer. 

    When is the Best Time to Explore HVAC Options

    If you have an existing HVAC system that's limping along, don't wait for it to completely die before exploring replacement options; that kind of pressure isn't any fun. Take the time now to contact Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning to explore available choices. Many systems today incorporate the latest technology, helping you monitor and control your home or business' comfort from your smartphone or computer. When you can evaluate different options in a stress-free manner, you'll be able to choose a system that will provide comfort for years to come. 

    Choosing the right size HVAC system is an important consideration, so we'll work carefully with you to understand your needs and will help you choose HVAC systems or components designed to meet those needs. 

    When you buy your new HVAC system or components from Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, you'll also get the confidence that comes from knowing they come with full factory warranties. 

    Contact Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning Today

    The HVAC professionals at Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning offer free in-home, no obligation estimates to replace old inefficient heating or air conditioning equipment. We'll also provide a free estimate for adding an air conditioning system to an existing heating system. And, if you're building your dream home or business, count on Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning for a free and fair estimate for the cost of installing HVAC systems in your new home.

    We proudly serve customers in Central NY, the Capital Region, the Southern Tier, Hudson Valley and the Rochester area. To learn more, contact us at sales@holbrookheating.com, or call us at 1-800-540-1440 today.