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    We offer emergency HVAC repair for all types of heating and cooling systems, as well as routine HVAC preventative maintenance. We also have various service contracts available to encompass all types of equipment and servicing needs.

    Our team of highly-trained service technicians works throughout New York State including central NY, the Capital Region, the Southern Tier, Hudson Valley, and the Rochester area.

  • Commercial and Residential HVAC Services

    We offer a variety of HVAC services for both commercial and residential systems. Depending on the type of system used in your space, you may need different services. Check out our list below to see how our highly-skilled technicians can assist you in keeping your home or work comfortable for everyone that enters.

    Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitization System: Having clean air ducts is essential for good indoor air quality. You want your family and employees to be breathing clean air. Over time, air ducts can become contaminated with mold, fungi, bacteria, and dust. Routine HVAC preventative maintenance, although helpful, doesn’t completely remove these contaminants. Proper air duct cleaning is recommended approximately every five years to maintain indoor air quality.

    Forced Air Heating Systems: Forced air systems are the most common in North America, and for good reason. With regular furnace filer maintenance, a forced air system can improve the air quality in your home. They also operate with the highest energy efficiency standards and are the only HVAC systems that can combine heating and cooling. We can keep your system running smoothly with routine preventative maintenance, and can also solve emergency repair problems. We also offer retrofit or new home installations of forced air heating systems.

    Hydronic and Steam Boiler Systems: Although hydronic and steam boiler systems both heat water and generate stem by burning fuel, steam boilers are more robust and therefore used more often in commercial spaces, whereas hydronic boilers are typically used for residential heating. Regardless of your chosen application, we provide emergency repair and routine maintenance, as well as retrofit or new home installations. 

    Central AC & Ductless Split AC Systems: Central air conditioning systems have long been the preferred choice of homeowners, but ductless systems are quickly gaining popularity. No matter which system your home features, we can provide service from retrofit or new home installations, to preventative maintenance and emergency repair. Give us a call at 1-800-540-1440 to schedule your appointment!

    Residential Geothermal Heat Systems: A geothermal unit utilizes the constant temperature from the ground to exchanger energy between your home and the earth as needed for heating and cooling. These systems are highly energy efficient and are growing in popularity among homeowners and builders. If you would like to install a geothermal HVAC system, just give us a call! After installation we also provide routine preventative maintenance and emergency repair.

    Whole Home Air Purification/Humidification Systems: As mentioned earlier, everyone needs clean air to breathe. We can improve your home’s indoor air quality with an HRV, air purification, or humidification system. Not only can we install a new system in your home, we also offer maintenance and emergency repair throughout the life of your system, to make sure that it’s running smoothly and providing clean, breathable air to your family.

    Maintenance Contracts: Different systems require different maintenance tasks at different times of the year. No matter which system you’re working with in your home or work, trust Holbrook Heating to always keep it working at its optimal level. We offer various service contracts for all types of heating and cooling equipment.


    Call us today at 1-800-540-1440 for more information about the variety of HVAC services we offer. We can schedule your appointment for installation, maintenance, or emergency repair. Our technicians are always on hand to serve you anywhere in New York State. From Rochester to Albany and Poughkeepsie, we are here to make sure your home or work are comfortable places for everyone that enters.